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Day 3: Dressing Myself

April 3, 2010

Day 3 of No Shopping: I have passed on 3 pairs of shoes, one dress, one top, two purses, and an umbrella. This is hard!

But it’s also good, because I’m keeping a mental tally of what I’m not buying and it’s hard to remember what I didn’t buy. Obviously those things weren’t that important. So, I am hoping that I can keep that in mind as I am constantly assaulted by the overwhelming desire to SHOP SHOP SHOP!

Instead, I am focusing on what I have and reviving pieces that haven’t seen sunlight in months (and years, in some cases)

These Betsey Johnson heels were a steal at only $25. Now that the weather is warmer, I wear them at least once a week (quite the accomplishment when I own scores of shoes) but I am having difficulty moving beyond an all-black look with the shoes being the spotlight.

All Black Slump

While digging through my closet, I rediscovered a cute white frothy skirt that was my absolute favorite skirt two summers ago.

Rediscovering My Wardrobe

And so I moved from being stuck in an all-black rut to being stuck in a black & white rut. sigh. At least I’m trying!

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