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Reader Request: Red Flats

September 29, 2010

Got a Reader Request via Twitter a couple days ago. Kelly is a former co-worker (at the Happiest Place on Earth) who now works in a more fashion-conscious (but not as evil) place. Her tweets:

Kelly can be chatty…even when confined to 140 characters at a time. But she’s got great taste in these shoes:

The Inspiration: Marmi Genie $110 red ruffle flats. $110 is a bit much to spend on flats unless you’re obsessed with the Cap-Toe Lanvins like me.

The Results (from top):

  • Naturalizer Mitzy Flats $73
  • Soda Moby-5 Bow-tie Ballerina Flat $14.50
  • Blowfish Malibu Sunshine Flats $39
  • Report Jem Flats $63
  • Kelsi Dagger April Flats $49.57

Alright, Miss Pug, which is your fave?

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  1. September 29, 2010 2:21 pm

    OMG YESSSSSSS! Great finds Cher!

    So I naturally LOVE the most expensive ones. LOVE LOVE. I also ADORE the shininess of the last ones. They look like they’d look awesome with a pair of tailored dark jeans. But I like them all… maybe I should just order the Moby-5 ones (the color looks way better when you look at their pics on the site… they look less pink in the one where the girl is wearing them) and go from there? These are such great suggestions!!!!!

    AKA… I’ll take one pair of each please. Thank you!

  2. September 29, 2010 6:37 pm

    I like the first pair (or 2nd pair if you include the top one) from Naturalizer. They look comfy, great color for the fall!


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