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Soft and Fuzzy

September 26, 2010

It’s autumn! Time for apple cider, cozy nights in and brisk walks through gorgeous fall colors…if you’re in my neck of the woods, that is. In case you have around $500 and want to feel like you’re in the Midwest this time of year, check out these cozy flats.

From top:

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  1. Amber permalink
    September 26, 2010 11:00 pm

    I spy something you detest in this bunch. Does that mean I’m allowed to purchase them?

    • cherrow414 permalink*
      September 27, 2010 12:52 pm

      No. I simply put them in there for the visual symmetry. Wearing Tory Burch Flats is like wearing sweatpants with JUICY printed across the ass. Advertising for a company with a terrible logo!

      • Amber permalink
        September 27, 2010 8:28 pm

        You, woman, are a brat. 😛

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