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Trend Alert: Purple

August 8, 2010

Yes, lavender was a super popular color for spring 2010, but its more mature cousin, purple, is THE color for autumn. Want to invest in this trend? Think rich, luxurious and deep purple. My favorite investment piece would be Diane Von Furstenberg’s Gate multicoloored bootie. Can drop several hundreds (or in a few cases, a grand or two) for a pair of trendy shoes? Try these:

All priced under $100, these purple shoes incorporate rich and textured fabrics, but won’t break the bank. I personally like the Liliana Monique ruched booties. If you’re interested in any of these shoes, simply type the entire title into a search engine, or if you’re lazy (like me) just drop me an e-mail at and I’ll forward you the link.

Want a shoespiration board of a trend for fall? E-mail me and I’ll be more than happy to round up some options for you!

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  1. August 8, 2010 8:47 pm

    Ohmigod. Vivienne Westwood is a goddess. And I hate her because I can’t afford her shoes.

    • cherrow414 permalink*
      August 8, 2010 9:10 pm

      I fully understand. However, the Melissa shoes are an affordable option when on sale. I got two pairs a couple weeks ago for $40 each.

  2. lucky_hun permalink
    August 9, 2010 5:20 am

    OHH my god may i ask when, where, and how i been spying on those vivienne melissa shoes for years >_>, but as a college student living on my own pocket money 140+ dollars is not an option, when living paycheck to paycheck T_T. You know your shoe lover life is sad, when you even have to pass on the affordable options :(.

    • cherrow414 permalink*
      August 10, 2010 5:39 pm

      The Melissa shoes I got were the coral jelly ones. I got them from a local store (Akira) during a buy 2 get one free sale. I would try places like that if you’re near any.

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