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Lusting After Lust for Shoes

August 5, 2010

Firstly, I would like to share that my entire apartment smells like BBQ pork. Thus, all my clothes smell like BBQ pork…and so do I. I smell so delicious, I’m afraid that if I were to take a nap, I’d wake up with a chunk out of my arm…and my mouth going nom nom nom nom.

Secondly, can I say how ashamed I am that I have never blabbed about how awesome Lust for Shoes is? This is a serious shoe site (unlike mine which is basically Word-vomit-somewhat-relating-to-shoes-in-an-abstract-way) But instead of TELLING you about the site, here’s some eye candy:

I. Want. These. SO. BAD. I can’t explain why…but this particular post is bookmarked ON MY BOOKMARKS BAR. Next to Facebook and Gmail. How crazy am I? Quit worrying about my mental health and show Lust for Shoes some love.

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