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An Extra Bag Just For Shoes

July 21, 2010

My cell started buzzing today and while I first thought it was broken (well, broken worse than it already was) it was just my dear friend Shuttlesworth, a fellow shoe-fanatic.

Shuttlesworth (not her real name, BTW…I’m pretty sure that is obvious) is attending an Indian wedding in Canada at the end of the month and she gets to rock some kickass saris.

So when she texted me in a panic “I have no idea what color shoes to wear with that pink sari!” I thought about it for a second and came up with the perfect solution.

Nude heels! (hers are from Guess)

Since everything is super colorful and glittery and shiny, nude shoes would be the perfect fashion foil to her bedazzled ensemble. I wrote back “Nude heels. You could theoretically just pack ONE pair of nude shoes and they would match everything.” You know, to save space in her suitcase.

She wrote back “But that would be no fun, now would it?”

She is very, very smart. And she’s going to have very, very overdeveloped arm muscles from dragging her super suitcase all over Toronto.


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