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Shoe News: Aldo to do Collab with…

June 22, 2010

Khol’s was one of the many places I detested to shop at in high school. Clothing there tended to be on the trashy side.  Not “slutty” trashy, but “throw-in-the-garbage-after-two-wearings” trashy.

But I might have to rethink that attitude, because Khol’s has joined with one of my fave midprice shoe stores to put out a collaborative shoe collection.

I’m not sure if this can beat the success of the Cynthia Vincent/Target collaboration, but I’m certainly looking forward to seeing the fruits of this union.

Aldo will design a range of products for women and men, and the styles will be available at Kohl’s stores and on Kohl’ beginning next spring.

Both Aldo and Kohl’s have unleashed their PR hounds to get as much free press as possible announce the collaboration. Both are “excited,” “looking forward to,” and stressing the future collab’s “value.” Statements like those make me slightly wary. It could mean great styles but cheaply made, or it could be wonderful (again, I refer to  Cynthia Vincent/Target).

Aldo (Tupick $59.98) vs. Kohls (Silvia $24.99)

I’m very happy that Aldo will have a dedicated design team for the Kohl’s business. Looks like they are moving full steam ahead and taking this seriously. Shoestinistas, look out! This will be one to watch for…

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