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Ugly Shoe of the Day

June 1, 2010

I know I’m going to be crucified for this but…

Yes, those are Brian Atwood shoes.

Mr. Atwood…Brian…. You know I love you. I worship you! I would wear anything you created! …except these.

I was all ready to drool over these while shopping this weekend. But they are not drool-worthy. They make me think “Unstylish-superhero-by-night, Ugly-Villain-by-day”

At first glance, it’s the cutouts that are the most dramatic. But then the mesh + cutouts = ????? Makes my brain hurt! They don’t look TOO horrible online, but while doing my daily *hospital* rounds (aka shoe shopping) I stumble upon these. While they were perching on the “Brian Atwood” table, I’m SURE they are in the wrong place. They look more like a trashy Jimmy Choo or misguided Givenchy. But alas! They ARE BA’s.

This shoe shocked and dismayed me. Mr. Atwood, please explain? I am so sad and confused about these shoes…

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