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June 1, 2010

It’s not often that I read an entire article dedicated to shoes and it’s not either, A. totally ridiculous or, B. not really about shoes or, C. about some terrible brand like Crocs or Uggs.

So when I stumbled across an article featuring shoes in Cosmopolitan, I was hesitant to even glance at it. but I’m not going to lie. The entire reason I even bothered to read this article is because of the accompanying photo (below). I mean, how cute is that?

But after being seduced by a single picture, I did proceed to read the entire article. Did you know that shoe sales have risen during the current recession, despite sales of nearly everything else decreasing? It’s not like we’ve all grown extra feet. What’s the secret of footwear? Why, behind food and shelter, do shoes seem to be edging out of the “want” category and into “need.”

Apparently the art of seduction via shoes is not just an illusion. The Cosmopolitan article explains why “we’ve always been wired for shoe lust, even when the going gets tough.”

When it comes to chemistry, shoppers view buying shoes as a practical expense. You’re can wear them several times a week, so in our minds (yes, OUR minds) that $200 price tag is justified and the feel-good high your brain is on lasts longer than other frivolous purchases.

Another interesting point made in the article is the idea of height=better. As smart as we may think we are, humans are still animals and have animalistic traits, including “associating height with power.” The article makes a several other very interesting points explaining the (literal and figurative) rise in women’s footwear, including a couple of points that might be just a little too hot for me to touch on here. Read the entire article at Cosmopolitan.

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