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Living in My Cynthia Vincent Flats

June 1, 2010

Summertime usually means flip flops for me. But this year, I’ve decided I’m tired of looking like a college student.

After I got my Cynthia Vincent for Target heels and fell madly in love with them, I couldn’t help thinking every time I wore them how amazingly comfortable they were.

I thought “HEY! There are really similar flats in that line!” But when I checked several nearby Target stores, I found they are mostly sold out in stores.

But they are not sold out online! I got them in white, because I spend a lot of time outside during the summer (I live in Chicago, remember. We’re big on public transportation here.) and black shoes can get soooooo hot.

This specific style comes in yellow, black, brown, and white. I like the simple “stud” detail, which is functional (it holds the straps together) but doesn’t LOOK functional. It looks kickass. And I do LOVE kickass shoes.  (The Flats are $24.99 from

So now that I’ve gotten the CV for Target heels and flats, what’s next?

The very sought-after wedges. In cognac. Which are not available online. Get me my giant cartoon gun, Suze, we is a’ goin’ huntin’.  Fer shoes.


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