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Summer Planner: Camping

May 28, 2010

I love camping! But I’m always afraid this will be me:

Except I’m a redhead, I’m not sickly-skinny, and wouldn’t look quite so refreshed after climbing a mountain in ANY footwear, let alone delicate mint-colored high heels.

So, if you’re going to spend a weekend camping/hiking/peeing in the woods/being generally outdoorsy here are my footwear suggestions:

I’m going to just say ‘no’ to flip flops for camping. Why? Well, do you want to trip or walk out of them in the middle of the night and step in bear poop? Clockwise from top right:

  • Thinking of fishing, canoeing, or anything with water? Camping with friends means there is literally no way your feet will stay dry. But there is not harm in trying with a pair of classic Hunter Wellies: $115 via Bergdorfs.
  • These strappy buckle flats will stay secure on your feet even if you have to run away from a bear! $20.80 via Forever 21.
  • Christian Siriano might not be an outdoorsy person, but his shoes can be: $16.99 via Payless.
  • Make somebody else bring the marshmallows and offer to bring the chocolate-colored: $69.99 via Modcloth.
  • I’m assembling-challenged. I try to put a tent up and end up setting the entire camp on fire. Sneakers could mean the difference between ‘burn ointment‘ and ‘burn unit at the ICU‘: $49.99 via Spring.
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