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Deal of the Day

May 24, 2010

Today’s D.o.t.D isn’t a shoe. (gasp! Cher have you lost your mind?!)

It’s a whole store! A wonderful store! Full of awesomeness! And discounted awesome stuff!

Buffalo Exchange is a national chain of stores, but it’s not THAT kind of chain. It’s a resale shop/vintage shop/emerging talents shop. They refer to it as “Recycled Fashions”

I refer to it a F&%$#ing AWESOME!!!

My sister scooped up these two never-been work dresses originally from Anthropologie for $25 each (according to the Anthro tags still on them, each dress would have run her about $200 apiece originally!!)

I got these great Betsey Johnson heels (never-been-worn without the box) for $25.50! I saw them on the shelf and decided before knowing the size, they were MINE. I’m glad they were a 9, otherwise some sort of toe-amputation might have been necessary.

Buffalo Exchange has several locations in quite a few states. There isn’t any kind of online shop (it would be pretty impossible with the amount of turnover in these stores)

If there isn’t one near you, I seriously recommend checking one out if you are ever near one. If you’re in Chicago, hit me up and I’ll take you to the Wicker Park store -it’s better than the Lakeview store– and show you the ropes.

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  1. May 24, 2010 9:01 am

    I also scored those Guess heels too!!


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