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Living in My Cynthia Vincent Heels

May 21, 2010

So…. Holy crap!!! I had NO idea these shoes would be so comfortable! I bought them from Target a few weeks ago.

I’ve worn them a million times already. I wore them for the past FOUR days (and I never play favorites with my shoes!) because they are AMAZING.

Also, I got a new purse from Forever 21. What’s up with the goofy grin, Cher? What a weirdo! Hi Suze!

What the heck was I doing here? Oh, right…proving that my brand-new Zara dress had super-cool pockets. I swear.

So, I’m at a wedding on Saturday, wearing the CVs all evening and got zero blisters, zero aching toes, zero pain. (well, there WAS pain from my hangover…damn open bar.)

I wore pearls too. Ugh. I am sooo not a personal-style blogger. Can you tell? I think I need a break…

Hi Loafy! Whoops, didn’t mean to interrupt your nap.

That was the most adorable break ever!

So back to the shoes. The straps are made of some kind of rubbery-ish material which has not given me a single blister. It molds itself to my foot perfectly. I think these would be more than appropriate to wear to a rooftop pool party after wearing them to work all day. Coincidentally, I wore them to work today! They just work on so many levels. I love them! Best $30 I’ve ever spent (at Target)!


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