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Friday Top 10 Links

May 14, 2010

Weather’s been crappy this week, but your blog posts have not. There was so much awesomeness to chose from! Here’s the best posts I’ve seen this week. Thanks to Miss Vinyl Ahoy for editing.

  • The Clothes Horse: Flashback  Friday: Your favorite bloggers as babies.
  • Chic on the Cheap: Someone besides me has a shoe fetish. Welcome to the club!
  • Life in Travel: Hanh takes photos on a freaking parking deck and looks like a model. Love to hate her with me, won’t you?
  • The Girl in the Check Scarf: Call me biased, but as a current redhead, I’m a fan of this post.
  • Pixe in Pumps: You can dress like Rachael McAdams in The Notebook, whereas I just want to do dirty things to James Marsden 😉
  • I Borrowed Your Silver Boots: Is trying to be more responsible with her paycheck. Are shoes a necessity? I think so!
  • Grit and Glamour: Kickass shoes require a kickass pedicure…which might be masking a clinical-level obsession with nail polish.
  • Miss Vinyl Ahoy: Princess cakes, fountains and goofing off. Man I wish I had been there. Oh, I WAS!
  • Stylish Thoughts: Spend a day learning the art of the pin-up.
  • Modly Chic: Turns somewhat risqué dress into an absolutely adorable skirt (I can’t wait to try this!)

If you’re interested in (1) being in next week’s Friday Top 10, or (2) being a guest editor, send an e-mail to

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  1. May 15, 2010 3:51 am

    Fabulous collection – I spent way too much time looking at these sites when I should have been updating my own!

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