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I’m a Cheater, but I’m Not Alone

May 12, 2010

God knows I love hilariousness (examples here and here) but I like it even better when I don’t have to work MY brain to the bone in a (usually) feeble attempt to sqeeze a laugh out of people. That’s why I loved this post from Josie in the City.  Like me, she can’t help but cheat on her shoes, and this “Dear John” letter to Jimmy Choo is my favorite post of the day.

Dear Choo: (You know you love it when I call you by your pet name)

The Husband is on to us.  I can no longer parade you around town or meet you in clandestine boutiques.  I no longer care how many incentives you throw my way.  The Husband is no longer buying into my “oh, this old thing?” routine.

You barely ever go on sale and let’s not discuss how you’re cutting into my slush fund.  Yes, I know that we looked good together.  You, on my feet, were all splendid and fabulous but I can’t afford to take you to all those lavish affairs anymore.  You’re high maintenance and require too many accoutrements.  It’s almost impossible to dress you down without looking like I tried too hard.  Your demands on my time and money are bordering on the absurd and frankly, my interest now lay in another, less costly, pair of designers.

Want to read the rest? Visit Josie’s blog here.


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