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The Look for Less (& Even Less!)

May 7, 2010

Got $1,195? I do, but I’m using it to pay my rent this month. But if I didn’t require a roof over my shoes, I’d totally buy these Christian Louboutin Poseidon heels. But if that’s too rich for you’re blood, try these:

At $298, you’ll be saving about $900 compared to the Louboutins. The shoe, Karolina by Kate Spade, has a shorter heel, but it’s a similar look and a LOT cheaper. Kate is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites to gaze, drooling and unblinking, at shoe porn. Like these.  But maybe you’re like me and $298 is still a lot of money. (It’s a car payment for me, if you’re curios, and I’d like to NOT have my car repossessed)

So, they’re not regular pumps like the Kate Spades or peep toe pumps like the Louboutins, but the cross toe detail makes these shoes unique, as opposed to a blatant rip-off.  These shoes are Decimo by Lumiani and here’s the kicker: Only $61.27! Congratulations, we’ve just saved $1,1 .73!!!

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  1. May 13, 2010 4:04 pm

    HAHAHA! So funny you should comment over on my site about this same shoe. It’s unbelievable!!!!! If I didn’t have, oh…responsibilities and stuff, I’d buy them in a heartbeat. The Kate Spade ones, though….sigh, no Loubies are still pretty delicious! Still too rich for my blood though… I do love the crosstoe detailing on the peeptoe!

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