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Shoes by the Sand, Shoes by the Sea

May 6, 2010

I purchased my first piece of “real” art when I was in high school. I’m a temperamental art lover, repulsed by sculpture, seduced by carving, and consider old maps the perfect example of what can evolve into ART. More than anything, however, I am a fan of photography. I am not the best photographer, but I make do with my (lack of) skills for what my full-time design job requires of me. But the greatest photo I’ve ever seen is hanging in my bedroom, and I’m going to share it here!

It’s by Ray Doan, my favorite photographer of all time. I’ve met him several times at various art fairs, and he’s always more than eager to talk about the background behind the photographs.  Years have passed since I bought this print (It was $55, which was a LOT of money to a high schooler!) I still  gaze at it as I fall asleep and dream of being on a secluded tropical island in French Polynesia. It wasn’t until recently that I realized Mr. Doan has a website! And there are more prints of my favorite place on Earth!

I was so inspired by these photographs, everything I’ve been doing seems to pull from them, including this blog. This was easily the best purchase I’ve ever made.

I’ve rounded up tropical-inspired shoes from ’round the “interwebz” to share. Don’t they all scream “vacation” to you?

(all landscape photos copyright Ray Doan)

In my opinion, the wearing of jelly shoes should stop after a person’s tenth birthday. However, my mind was changed by these Coral Peep Toe Jelly Ballet Flats by Melissa. I remember jellies as being the go-to shoe during my childhood, when money was rather tight, so I have a hard time accepting the $80 price. But that doesn’t make them any less gorgeous.

Acid-wash denim is soooo not my thing, but I think this Tie Dye Denim Slingback looks like water.  GoJane had a good idea to carry this shoe, especially with the cork platform. They’re perfect for summer, and at $24.99 perfectly affordable too!

Think these look oddly familiar? Here’s why:

Sex and the City. Samantha. Naked. Covered in SUSHI. Getting wasabi in places where one should never get wasabi!! Giggles. But the SHOES, that is the point. Giuseppe Zanotti heels for her, but flats for the rest of us this summer. For those of us who can afford leaving $695 at Neiman Marcus.

Kate Spade Bali Wedges for a sort-of reasonable $198. I don’t even need to add anything else besides the description at “Sail away to paradise. the rope-inspired strap lends a nautical effect while the cork platform heel is flecked with metallics for a subtle shimmer.”

Saving the best for last, I totally stumbled on these by accident. During my self-imposed exile from shopping during April, the Miss Trish for Target collection came out, and my sister hid that fact from me. Because she knows I can’t resist a good pair of sea-inspired thong sandals. I LOVED the flower ones, but couldn’t find one in my size. I liked them so much, I almost bought them in an 8, two sizes smaller than I normally wear, blisters be damned! Get thee to Target and get a pair (not the flowers, though, those are mine!!) for $24.99.

And so the sun sets on another post…

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  1. May 6, 2010 10:23 pm

    Love your shoe pics – I want to get them and get to the beach!!!
    I think i will go for the black coral thongs with the starfish.

    • cherrow414 permalink*
      May 7, 2010 10:53 am

      Thanks! I was totally inundated with tropical (and not just print) shoes this week, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I am so desperate for warmer weather? If you get them, let me know how they fit.


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