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Shoe Review: Zara

May 5, 2010

I was underwhelmed. All the shoes were $99, and for that price point, I could hit up aldo or nine west and be vapid with much more interesting shoes. These nude strappy heels, for instance, look amazing online, but in person are very flimsy and B-O-R-I-N-G.

Aldo, the fit is pretty small, (I’m normally a 39, but I could barely squeeze into a 40) I would recommend trying two sizes up to start with and work your way down.

Can you tell that I was using my cell phone to sneak in photos? Anyways, I hated both of these shoes. The color was halfway between grey and brown with just a touch of green thrown in. Because who doesn’t like their shoes to look like they’ve been vomited on? BUT it is a good example of how an ugly wedge can be a less ugly (but still ugly, don’t get me wrong) heel. Just say NO to wedges!!!

I thought these were really cute. The baseball “stitching” around the edge with the leather ending in a big floppy bow is just my cup o’ tea. The low heels, however, are not. But I can totally see my mom loving these shoes to pieces…except for the peep toe.

Here’s a better picture. They are suede and kind of rustic-looking. I feel like that is a new trend: slightly unkempt shoes. Interpret that as you will!

I caught a lot of flack for posting about the emerging denim shoes trend a while ago.  Well, suck it! denim is everywhere now! I was right!! I love these peep toe denim pumps oh so much…

These are great. Perhaps I should point out that they are dead ringers for a certain very expensive shoe? Or maybe you’ll just have to wait for a LFL post…

In conclusion, I felt the price point was a bit high, most of the shoes FUGLY (I didn’t take photos of 75% of what they had in store) but some of them were hidden gems. I would only purchase the last ones, though. Zara has a website, but you can’t purchase online. I recommend visiting the new Michigan Ave store in Chicago, and while you’re here, hit me up for coffee!


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