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The Book: May

April 22, 2010

I love books. I also love The Book. You know, the one from Neiman Marcus. The May issue just landed in my inbox.

The cover is so pretty!

So cute! The entire e-mag is laid out like a crisp hard-copy magazine. I love the design!

I love this simple and sparse page.

This is the “back” of the issue.

Unfortunately, while I LOVED the layout, I didn’t find many shoes to love. I keep seeing the same thing I’ve been seeing for months, which includes the expected onslaught of clogs and wedges. YUCK.

Is it just me, or has  Spring/Summer become a boring time for shoes? I’m not talking about the runway shoes, I literally mean April, May, etc. I think designers are mistakenly assuming that we’re all plopping into Crocs for the warmer months. ATTENTION SHOE DESIGNERS: That assumption is waaaay incorrect.

I did like (not loved, but liked) these, from Sergio Rossi ($750). They are already available in a taupe color, but I like the look of the double-strap in black and the exaggerated platform with the springy turquoise dress.

Another cute pair is from Stuart Weitzman ($425).  In a slightly neutral snake print, these chunky heels are interesting, but I’ve seen them a couple times already.

Cute platforms, but I’m more interested in the dress ($310 by Phoebe Couture) than the shoes ($385 by Stuart Weitzman)

The most intriguing shoe-news was the partnering of Neiman Marcus with TOMS. TOMS is the shoe company that, for every pair you purchase, donates a pair to a child in need. I could talk endlessly about this subject, because you KNOW I believe everyone has a right to shoes, but I will keep from blabbing. For more information, go to the source or check out the offerings at Neiman Marcus.

Check out my review of The Book: April here.

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