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A 4/20 Rant

April 20, 2010
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I’ve found three articles that make me cranky. I apologize for being cranky, but these articles are just ridiculous. These articles are anti-heels!

1-Dangerous high heels: Women’s shoes reach hazardous heights during the recession.
2- Models Refused to Walk Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2010 Show Because the Shoes Terrified Them.
Women risk snapped ligaments for shoe fashion.

I don’t even want to link to them because they make me so cranky, but I am an avid supporter of free speech, so here you go: 1, 2, and 3.

Being anti-heel is like being anti-me. And when people are anti-me, I am sad.

Well…..that isn’t entirely true. I don’t care if people do or don’t like me. It’s one of my more charming qualities. But anyways, I have invested too much time and money into purchasing shoes and learning how to strut like a 6′ tall supermodel to not wear them.

If you’ve browsed a shoe department lately, you may have noticed that high heels are growing—and not just in popularity,” writes Joanna Douglas. “Towering platforms, extreme wedges, and treacherous stilettos have flooded the marketplace in recent months, and most every designer and celebrity seems to be doing their part to participate in the trend. Runways, red carpets, and glossy magazine spreads have all been inundated with the look…Clearly, we have a fashion craze on our hands, or, um, feet.”

Three models (Abbey Lee Kershaw, Sasha Pivovarova, andNatasha Poly) declined to walk the 2010 Spring Alexander McQueen show after seeing the Armadillo (NOT “Alien”) shoes. These are women who’s only requirement is that they stand up straight and walk for 60 seconds in a semi-straight line. According to The Cut, one of the models, Abbey Lee Kershaw, “doesn’t have the best of luck on the runway,” and fell off her shoes at the Spring 2009 Rodarte show, fainted exiting the runway at Alexander McQueen‘s spring 2009 show, and injured her knee at the 2010 Spring Rodarte show, forceing her to sit the rest of the season out. Sounds to me like Ms. Kershaw should look for a new profession, perhaps one with a focus on something other than forward motion. May I suggest accounting?

High heels are not a modern invention! Varying shoe heights have been around for hundreds, even thousands, of years. So why is this news to us? It shouldn’t be. Observing that heel heights are increasing is akin to reporting that hemlines are shrinking. Not news!

Back to the point: I’m sure it’s not wise to indulge in a lot of anything, hell even too much OJ can give you cancer! Wear the heels out, but give your feet a break when you’re doing laundry. Did you know that depending on your arch, even flats can be bad for your feet? But until the Surgeon General posts warnings on shoe boxes of blackened lungs and dying people hooked up to oxygen tanks a lá current cigarette containers, LEAVE SHOES ALONE. Much like clothing, shoes are an individual choice.

Except for Crocs. No one should ever wear those.

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  1. April 20, 2010 8:50 pm

    Oh, my. Yes, you do sound a bit cranky, though rightfully so.

    Eh, my feet were destroyed long before heels got to them. High school/college track tore them to shreds and I can’t be the only one whose athletics took a toll. If the shoes hurt that much, I wouldn’t wear them at all, but like you said, you’re not going to be in them 24/7. They’re meant for special occasions and nights out. Treated as such I see no harm.


  2. April 21, 2010 5:55 pm

    lmao @ croc, that the truest piece of information I’ve read all day! I know that heels are very popular these days, and thats whats encouraged me to step up my shoe game, the haters won’t hold me back!

  3. April 23, 2010 3:26 am

    Hahaha. You’re hilarious.

    That model should blog. Lots of sitting on dee bum. 😛

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