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Cheating on My Love

April 2, 2010

I don’t like wedges. Clogs make me want to hurl. Stick-thin and sky high, stilettos are my shoe of choice. I rarely stray from them.

But these shoes could not only cause me to stray from my love, but also to cheat on them again and again and again.

And again, and again, and again….

Sometimes, I’m convinced Marc Jacobs is a lunatic. Other times, like now, I am sure that he must be a genius! ($140 -was $350!- from

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  1. April 2, 2010 2:03 pm

    I love part of those shoes. The heel is too thick for me. Since I now read you NEED ’em stilettos. I like a mid-chunk. Heh. Louboutin has done a lot like that. The ES shoes I need to re-buy are not online at all. (I wish they were and available on a BillMeLater-empowered store.)

    They’re just easy to walk in, like easier than low skinny heels, but still really cute and feminine. And if they taper in a little at the bottom, they extend the curve of my big thighs/hips (LOVE ’em) to ankles just like how skinny jeans DO look good on curves. (Hate boot cuts now.)

    So if it’s a 3″ heel I need ’em chunkier, and good news is that my 1 current pair and those shoes I never wanted to return in the first place (just replace with 1 size up) are both perfect.

    I think they’re the most in now and the most flattering on me, perhaps. *shrug*

    But I’m going on and on and this is your blog. 😉

    But yeah I’m not into wedges now. I need that heel look from the side view. I have another pair from the same Easy Spirit shopping trip in a wedge/heel hybrid. Very sweet/romantic shoes, and trendy. And hey they give height. (I like competing with other women and actually looking into their eyes, I’m 4’11” and definitely not growing.)

    I could have parted with those, but my feet were dirty from someone’s very unswept floor and then I wore ’em for a while. Totally not fixable.

    MORAL: Always sweep the floors! I don’t let mine get bad. 😀

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