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Good Reads

April 1, 2010

Have I mentioned that I’m a total bookworm? Some people are shocked to find out that I, one of the most easily distracted and hyper people on the planet, like to curl up with a good book for hours on end.

Granted, my latest page-turners are mostly about shoes. But they are still books!

I finished The Towering World of Jimmy Choo: A Glamorous Story of Power, Profits, and the Pursuit of the Perfect Shoe a month or so ago. It was fantastic. It was so well-written and entertaining while still being factual and informative. It was a great book to read on the train ride to/from work.

Fifty Shoes That Changed the World is more of an all-inclusive book; there are Air Jordans next to Manolo Blahniks. It’s a short and sweet read with great pictures.

I happened upon the hardcover version of  Shoes. Fashion and Fantasy by accident. I walked by a shelf at the library and spotted a drawing of a shoe out of the corner of my eye. It also weights at least 20 lbs, so I get a nice workout carrying it around. This hardcover version i’s out of print, too!

This one, The Seductive Shoe: Four Centuries of Fashion Footwear, I discovered in a book store last week. I wanted to buy it so much, but it was $50! Instead, I tracked it down at my library. I can’t possibly account for all the money my library has saved me over the years, but just from this post alone, I have saved more than $95. That’s $95 dollars I can put towards buying new shoes!

And this last book, I just requested from the library. I can’t wait to get my hands on Shoes: The Complete Sourcebook.

In order to pay homage to shoes, get thee to a library!

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  1. April 2, 2010 2:16 pm

    My favorite book evereverevAr is Heart and Sole: The Shoes of My Life by Jane Eldershaw.

    I was gifted it to review on my blog many different versions of the blog ago. Hehheh. And so it just happened upon my lap, or almost, and it just happened to be the perfect book for me.

    Fashion-y and soooo breazy and fun.

    I need to find a purse-equivalent.

    Anyway, earlier today I actually wanted to start re-reading it. We recently moved though and I’ve no clue where it is.

    But yes, you have to get it NOW!

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