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T-Straps: The Sequal

March 26, 2010

T-straps are making a huge comeback this season, and not just in the same boring ways. twists, adornments and intricate cut-outs update this classic to fit in with current trends.

These shoes from Urban Outfitters would be something my mother would love. mostly closed toe with some intricate cut outs and a twisted t-strap. The low heel makes this a totally wearable shoe but without sacrificing style. ($88 from Urban Outfitters)

The tiny braided straps are woven and circled around this neutral sandal. I love that kind of attention to detail.  The lower heel and the back zipper add to the stability of this shoe and make it appropriate to wear all summer long. ($98 from Urban Outfitters)

A welcome addition to these platform t-straps are the cutesy roses. This is an excellent way to make any outfit spring-appropriate. ($30 from Charlotte Russe)

I can’t forget the flat shoes. I don’t like flats, but other people do. These flats are pretty cute. The links in place of the normal t-strap give just enough extra oomph to these flats. ($41.99 from shoemetro)

I love the multi-toned green looped strap. The dark color of the heel and sole contrast so beautifully with the green. ($25.20 from I would snap these up in a second if I hadn’t just spent all my shoe money on these.

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