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H&M Scarf Giveaway

March 19, 2010

Suze basically forced me to go to H&M yesterday (to preview the Garden Collection), and after I had walked around the whole store (twice) and not found the dress I really really really wanted, I spotted something out of the corner of my eye. Cue the really excited phone call to Suze.

Me: “OMG Guess what?’

Suze: “ummmm what? It’s really late.” (It was maybe 9:30)

Me: “I found something!”

Suze: “You’re annoying.”

Me: “No, seriously!!!! I found something awesome!!! it’s teal……”

Suze: “A teal dress?”

Me: “(snorts) Yeah, because I look so great in teal dresses.”

Suze:  “Seriously, just tell me!”

Me: “You know that scarf I borrowed/stole from you….”

Then, we both starting OMGing and squealing.

Suze  owns a scarf from H&M, “not just any scarf, but pretty much the COOLEST scarf in the world.” And it is really hard to find- we’ve tried!

We’ve looked several times and different stores and always come up empty handed. So when I found a whole RACK of them, I bought TWO.

One for me.

And one for one of you!!!

We’ve both worn ours several times. To see me in it, check out the “featured blogger” sidebar on Suze’s blog.

So we’re partnering to do this giveaway. To enter:

1. Leave a comment on this post, about anything!
2. Leave a comment on
Suze’s post about the giveaway
3. Post about the giveaway on your blog.  (make sure to leave us another comment with the link to it)

Each comment/ repost is worth one entry, so if you do all three, that’s 3 entries! The giveaway ends next Friday, March 26, at noon, EST.
(The winner will be chosen by random number)

This is open to ANYONE, so please feel free to join!

6 Comments leave one →
  1. March 20, 2010 3:41 pm

    I love this scarf!!! Thanks for the post!

  2. Deb permalink
    March 20, 2010 8:54 pm

    I LOVE that teal color! It would go really good with my suits at work. I’d have to buy shoes to match…

  3. March 21, 2010 12:38 am

    It’s horrible when you go into a store knowing exactly what you want and not being able to find it! But I’m really happy you found this scarf because I love it! Fingers crossed!!

  4. Abby permalink
    March 23, 2010 12:58 am

    I adore this scarf! Hope I can add it to my accesory arsenal!

  5. bunnyb permalink
    March 24, 2010 4:37 am

    Count me in! Looks lovely 🙂

  6. March 25, 2010 3:42 pm

    I also posted on Suze’s blog post about the giveaway! So excited, and I love the color of the scarf!

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