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In My Mother’s Shoes

March 17, 2010

Sometimes shoes are more than just shoes. Sure, they can be frivolous (hell, most of the ones I own could be categorized as frivolous) But they are a comfort, a confidence booster, a protector, a mood-changer, and so much more. Shoes have helped me get through some of my darkest days and have been a big part of some of my best days.

Below is an excerpt from the article in the March 2010 LA Times. To read the entire article, click the link at the end.

In May 2007, my mom was diagnosed with stage-four pancreatic cancer. Even though everyone pretty much knew there wouldn’t be a happy ending, talk skipped quickly over death and dying and centered on her shoes.

Nancy Daly’s shoes were legendary, her collection vast. Maybe not Imelda Marcos vast, but what Imelda had in quantity, my mom had in quality. Louboutin, Chanel, Prada, Dior, Choo were just some of the A-list residents of her closet—complete with feathers, sculpted heels, animal skins and fabulous stones. All colors and elevations were welcomed. So speculation was rampant as to where they would end up. Little did anyone know, those shoes were meant for me. Continued…

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