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The Book: April

March 14, 2010

Landing in my inbox just yesterday was Neiman Marcus: The Book for April.

There were loads of clothes and shoes and jewelry that I can’t afford, but it was nice to see what trends were highlighted that will be in for the next month, at the very least.

My favorite trends were neutrals, contrasting colors, draping, and hardware. Here are the best of the bunch:

Giuseppe Zanotti Strappy Heels. I love these. The neutral trend is so very in right now, and I love these multi-colored neutral strappy shoes. If I could scrape together $795, I would buy these the day they drop. (It’s March 26, in case any of you are in a better financial situation that I)

These Fendi Platform Heels ($1,195) bring the idea of feminine draping to a whole new level. I love the neutral color, which elongates your legs (which should be bare come April!) and the platform looks like it adds at least two inches to your height. I look at these and think “No problem, I could handle those” but for those of you who are more worried at the thought of sky high platforms, I recommend starting small (4 inch non platforms) and moving slowly (adding a half inch to both platform and heel) upwards to these stilts. It is completely possible to not only walk in these shoes, but to be (relatively) comfortable.

Dior has taken yet another trend seen on the Spring ’10 runway shoes to a new (and more publicly acceptable) level. By adding lingerie detailing to the sides, heels, and strap area of these gorgeous neutral platform heels ($990), the underwear as outerwear trend sees the light of day without making the wearer look like a $10 hooker.

Chloe has dropped some of the most amazing shoe/boots I’ve seen in a long time. I love the height, the contrast dark brown/light brown and beige, and the open toe. It looks so natural to me, like this shoewasn’t created…more like it just spontaneously happened to exist. So relaxed and also so tailored at the same time.  ($650)

Chanel blush pink tweed and black grosgrain bows add up to a gorgeous open toe mary jane. I love the subtle texture the tweed gives the shoes, but the finishing touch of a classy bow makes the shoe come together as a classic and classy finishing touch to just about any outfit. ($795)

The neutral trend has really taken off, and it was apparent in this issue of The Book. I love hardware addition to shoes, so these Stuart Weitzman platform heels with chains are perfect for spring. They remind me of a tamer version of Christian Siriano’s runway shoes. I think I like these better. They just have little bit more “wearable” aura to them.

Like the image reads, “You can’t go wrong with the classics. A great white shirt contrasts beautifully against a black pencil skirt and strappy sandals.” These Givenchy black leather wraparound platform sandals make me want to find $850 to buy these for myself and another several thousand to buy a pair for all my friends.

And, lastly, just in case you have the extra $$ to spare, if you visit Neiman Marcus on March 26-27, NM will donate $50 to Dress for Success Worldwide when you purchase two or more shoes. If I had the $$, I’d chose those days to go crazy at the Shoe Salon.

Sigh, oh well. I like the shoes I have, and the ones I don’t give me something to dream about and work towards. Happy Sunday!!

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  1. March 14, 2010 12:09 pm

    Wow! Those shoes look really great! I dunno which one I love best cause they’re all fab! But I think the most comfy for me is the Chanel one. It isn’t too high so I guess I wouldn’t stumble that much. XD

    I like the nude color too. 🙂 Prob is it costs too much. XD The cheapest on the list that costs $650 is like my 2 months salary already! HAHA! XD

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