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Ohmygosh I Love Organizing

February 25, 2010

Miss Vinyl is a pack rat. Not like a CRAZY pack rat, like the people you see on Intervention, more like an amateur version of a pack rat. She leaves the serious “crazy” to the professionals.  But she has seen the light!!! After seeing me organize and “spiff-ify” my closet, she has decided not only to organize hers, but to redo her entire second bedroom into a dressing room.

Yay! I love closet design/decoration. She recruited me to help her. I’m going to put together a mood board, a layout and a how-to for her. I’ve been sending her photo after photo, ideas, colors, furniture, etc. all week. I think she’s ready to strangle me, but I want to make sure this room reflects her tastes, and not mine. Here are her favorite pics and what I’ll be using as my overall inspiration for the space.

Yeah…it’s kind of a mishmash of stuff. I’ve certainly got my work cut out for me.  Check back after this weekend to see what design decisions we’ve come to (hopefully at least SOMETHING!)

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  1. Susan permalink
    February 25, 2010 11:28 am

    I like mishmashy stuff. And I am not a packrat. I just don’t care! 🙂


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