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How to Wear It: Leggings & Open-Toed Shoes

February 24, 2010

I have a problem. My problem is this: I need to wear leggings or tights with skirts in the winter because it’s too damn cold not to!  But I also like to wear peep toe shoes, or sometimes even open toed shoes in the winter.  How can my legs not look like they have been chopped into teeny-tiny pieces by the oddness of the “leggings/skin/shoe strap/skin/sole” layers I’ve got going on?

Do not copy Jessica Alba. Well, unless you are built like this:

Anyways, thanks to my endless surfing addiction (web surfing, that is) I have an answer.

Buy skin-toned leggings (whatever your skin tone may be) tucked into and secured  into the top of the shoe.

Still don’t get what I’m laying down? Here’s a great example of leggings+ evening shoe from Prada:

Fantastic! Winter warm and cute at the same time. Now where do I buy “paler than pale” colored leggings?

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

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