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White After Labor Day

February 4, 2010

White shoes are such a pain. Don’t get me wrong; I love how they look, especially in the summer when pale-as-pale-can-be me wears them and looks a little tan! But it’s hard to chose the right pair. You don’t want to look like you’re reliving your first communion all over again (ughhh, remember those frou-frou dresses!?!) and you also don’t want to get anything that will look dirty in just one wearing.

Which is why I love these.

Cute, right? I love the little beaded mosaic pattern and the just-off white color of the shoe. It doesn’t hurt that this shoe is a thong sandal (which are my favorite, reminds me of flip flops from my college days) and it also has a heel! These would totally be work appropriate with a cute skirt and a crisp white shirt.  Maybe Miss Vinyl could find me a nice spring outfit to go with these?

They are from Nine West, are available in four different colors, and cost $69.

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