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February 3, 2010

Miss Vinyl shot me a link to these fantastic Alexander McQueen shoes (Have I mentioned how much I love everything that Mr. McQueen creates?)

I love them! I love the peep toe, the zipper, the black leather…I love that they look like a “tough girl” shoe, but could totally be paired with a poufy skirt for some major drama.

But they are $795. I don’t love them enough to spend almost a month’s rent on them. (I can’t be the old lady who lived in a shoe!)

I found two similar options:

This shoe from Urban Original, is only $22.80! It is black, with a zipper and a peep toe. However, I think I might  be in the mood for something a little more attitude.

I like the higher platform and the patent leather look of these shoes. From Steve Madden, they are just $64! Also, I like the off-center zipper…has just a little more attitude. They could easily be fancied up with a charm added to the zipper (Like a skull! or a PONY!)


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