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Part 1: Work to After-Work

January 25, 2010

Miss Vinyl Ahoy and I are pairing up all week long to bring you several looks with clothing and shoes currently in stores.

Miss Vinyl, since she is the clothing expert, will be putting the ensembles together and then I will find shoes to match. Because, as we all know, the right (or wrong) footwear can make (or break) an ensemble. And just for fun, I’ll find a *Dream* shoe and a *Reality* shoe.

Today’s look is something you can wear to work and continue directly to after-work activities. I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve wanted to go directly to the Art Institute on Thursday’s for the free admission from 5-8pm but have looked like an exhausted web designer in sloppy clothes.

This put-together ensemble is not just functional, but also super cute!

Work to after work look
Work to after work look by Redheaded37

The look is artsy without being too moody, so I wanted to match it with a sandal. Flats bug me to no end (even though I own four pairs…go figure) so heels it is!

Work to After Work Shoes
Work to After Work Shoes by cherrow414

The *Dream* shoes are by Charles David. I love that they are bronze and shiny, and not the normal “cage” style of last year. The lattice look is cute without being too bondage-y.

The *Reality* shoes are from Charlotte Russe. I don’t know if you’ve bought any shoes from there before, but you should. (side bar: I’ve had a pair of red patent mary janes for 4 years and they are STILL fashionable and comfortable. I think I paid $20 for them! Money well spent. ) I like these shoes because they are still a different kind of “cage” shoes, a brown color, and a cute contrasting platform and heel.

Head over to Miss Vinyl Ahoy to see the clothing details!

Tune in tomorrow for Part 2!

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