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Alice in Fashionland

January 25, 2010

I love the Syfy movie Alice. (Thank you to Miss Vinyl Ahoy for her posts here and here) Besides the fact that I am now fully in love with Hatter, the movie itself is also really good! I’ve noticed a lot of blog searches for Alice’s clothes and boots are pointing to my blog, so I am doing a post of high end/normal end ensembles to get a similar look.

Firstly, let’s take stock of what Alice wears.

Sleeveless denim-colored (BUT NOT MADE OF DENIM, let’s be clear here) above-the-knee length dress.

There is some detailing on the front of the dress, but not a lot of excess elsewhere.

Semi-opaque red tights.

Brown mid-calf leather boots with a slight heel and buckle detailing.

I am NOT including the purple coat, since it’s not hers (it belongs to Hatter) and because she doesn’t wear it during the entire movie.

Ok, I think we can do this. First off, the “wouldn’t-spend-this-much-but-still-love-it look:”

Alice Chic

Boots: $105

Tights: $18

Dress: $148

Total: $271

The boots are what really pulls this outfit together. It’s not so much about the blue dress (in the Disney version is was ALL about the dress) or even the surprise of the red tights. The boots are tough (she can run from those who chase her) and also feminine (with a heel) and functional. They work for the entire movie. You really believe she can wear those for five days on the run in Wonderland.

And now, for the cheap/chic look:

Alice Cheap

Dress(available in late march from the H&M Garden Collection!) $ 17.95

Tights: $7.50

Boots: $89.99

Total: $115.44

These boots are so fantastic. I like them even better than the most expensive pair. In black, they are on sale for just 79.99!

The boots really make the outfit. Although, I do really like the H&M Garden Collection dress…add that to the list of things I need to buy at the end of March!

Check out Miss Vinyl Ahoy’s take on an Alice-inspired outfit.

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    January 25, 2010 4:35 pm


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