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Nudes for Kari

January 24, 2010

During a lengthy conversation with Kari, she revealed that she mostly wears flats. After moving to the sunshine state, all the sand and beach-y ground makes it hard to wear heels day in and day out.

Now, I know that I’ve expressed a personal abhorrence to flats before (in spite of this, I still wear them from time to time) but I can step out of my own heel-prejudice to assist a dear friend.

These Christian Siriano shoes from Payless are way cute. (sidebar: Thanks for not disappointing me with your collection for a second time, Christian.  At $29.99, they aren’t too expensive, either!

But if that’s still too expensive, try these bronze  flats from Forever 21.  At $9.50, these shiny flats will add fabulousness to any outfit, day or night.

Another option from Forever 21 are these leopard-print flats. They aren’t nude colored, but I’ve had a pair of leopard-print flats for four years and I still love them as much as the day I bought them.  They are $22.50, which compared to the $115 Jeffrey Campbell flats I’ve been craving for more than a year seems pretty reasonable!

Happy shopping, Kari!

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  1. Kari permalink
    January 24, 2010 5:39 pm

    you know i love you

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