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Choo! Choo! Make Way for Shoes!

January 20, 2010

I was walking through the library this morning when a book cover caught my eye. On it was an illustration of a sky-high stiletto. How could I not check it out? After offering up my library card (which, by the way,  EVERYONE should be using a library card in this economy! Free books, movies, computer use, etc…) I tossed the book in my bag and was on my way.

I now have up to three weeks to devour The Towering World of Jimmy Choo: A Glamorous Story of Power, Profits, and the Pursuit of the Perfect Shoe. ($15.80 on I hope it’s good. I hate when books don’t live up to my initial reaction, which is usually WOW I WANT TO READ THAT!!! However, it is a BOOK ABOUT SHOES so I can’t fathom how I couldn’t like it.

So, in honor of my “new” book, I felt inspired to (finally) peruse Jimmy Choo’s new 24:7 collection. Some of it is not so fantastic (ugly gold flats, I’m talking to you) but most of it is very nice. Below are my favorites.

The 24:7 Collection is meant to provide women with shoes to wear…well, 24:7. Shoes that will go from Boardroom to Bar to Brunch and back again. Some of these shoes, while more than I could dream of spending on a single pair, are “forever” shoes. They are classic shapes, colors, and materials. These are shoes you will wear forever. So if you can manage to save the $500+ needed to purchase these shoes, do so knowing you will never again need to buy a pair.

Up first is “Quiet” available in Black or Red. Get it in red. Every woman needs a pair of red heels. No, not because they signify that you are willing to jump into the sack with the next guy who asks you, (because they don’t! This is not the 1920s, Grandma!) but because they give off confidence and exuberance. A woman gains instant self-esteem when she wears these fire-colored confidence boosters.

Speaking of red shoes, I love red Mary Janes. I also love Mary Janes with a lower buckle. Did you know that having a buckle, wrap, or strap around your ankle actually makes your legs look shorter? So go for shoes with a buckle like “Leila”, which is lower around the foot. Your shoes will stay on your feet just as well and you will look taller!

So…these are a little more fun. But who says you can’t wear fun shoes to work? I do it all the time!

These are a little fancy for work. but i like them! I like strappy shoes with a button-downed look. Then take off the suit jacket and go to a rave! Oh..right. I’m too old for that now.  bummer. 😦

Ok, I want these. I would be willing to sell/rent out body parts for these. I would give up chocolate…diet coke…COFFEE…for these. Any takers? Any one…crickets… hmm. Maybe I should just suck it up and save the $995 and buy them.

Wow… $995? That’s almost an entire month’s rent!

Oh well. I can do it! Just wait (about a year) and those puppies will be mine!

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