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Black is the New Black…seriously!

January 19, 2010

How do I love the color black?

Let me count (a few of) the ways…

1.These shoes from Bakers.

Man…I love them.

Platform + Sky-high Heel + Chunky Buckle = Legend…wait for it…DARY!

Need an outfit to go with them? Check out The Budget Babe’s post (which is incidentally where I found these shoes in the first place)

2. My new favorite shoe type, “Carrie” by Guess, have these fit-tastic shoes in black leather.

Slap down $90 at and they can be yours. Or head to your nearest Nordstrom, they have them, too.

3.  According to Wear Windy City, (which is about fashion in Chicago…you know, the place where I live)  it’s all about ALL BLACK.

Lanvin, as it happens, continually has some of my favorite collections, year after year. It doesn’t hurt that they branched out for the Sex and the City movie into wedding gowns and designed quite possibly the only white dress I would ever consider walking down the aisle in. (love the shoes, too!)

Anyways, back to Black.

I know that all-black ensembles can be dreary and according to NY Mag may only look good on 4 out of 5 people, but I don’t care which group I’m in. I love my black clothes.

Just make sure your blacks match. none of this washed-out top with crisp black pants combo. To avoid this, wear pieces that are made of different fabrics.

Make it sleek!

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