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Bloomingdale’s Big Window Challenge 2010

January 13, 2010

Man, oh man. I love window displays.  Even if they aren’t displaying shoes!

I think it stems from my childhood, when my family didn’t have a lot of money and window-shopping was the only type of shopping I was allowed to do.

Of course now I do so much more than window shop (as my closet proves) but that doesn’t mean I don’t still love gazing at lovely window displays.

The Big Window Challenge 2010 kicks off next week (voting starts Wednesday, if you’re a have-to-know-everything person like me) and after the 2009 competition, I am just on pins and needles to see what kind of awesomeness is created this year!

Over at Apartment Therapy, Maxwell showed off his sketches and big pieces that will be in the display as entry #1 (there are three total)

According to Maxwell, “The room design is a writer’s library inspired by my friend Amor, in which a romantic dinner has been set for a female guest. The room is dark and manly, piled high with books, and features items that may have come from far off travels.”

“The side walls are painted faux bookcases.”

“The decor inspiration keys off of the big leather Ralph Lauren chair, and the wallpaper and funky, steampunk style from Michele Varian’s shop on Crosby.”

I am so excited to see the other entries’ sketches and to see the final product next week! Stay tuned…

All photos via Apartment Therapy

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