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Project Runaway From My Closet: Last Post Before Reveal!

January 7, 2010

So….Project Runaway From My Closet is slowly winding its way to a finish. I’m super excited!

I started organizing/cleaning/procrastinating on this project almost two months ago. I have one single piece of furniture to purchase/build and I’ll be finished. I waited to buy it until I knew that the way I was organizing my things would work for me. Ironically, I think I am storing MORE in my closet, but it’s so much cleaner.

I don’t have photos for this post, but as soon as the BF can come with me to Ikea (ironically I can’t carry something that is two feet taller than I am up several flights of stairs by myself. Who’d have known?!) I will post tons of the finished product.

My absolute favorite discovery was these Komplement shoe boxes from Ikea.

In fact, when I went back to Ikea for the seventh or so time, I was looking for more of these boxes on the show floor (they do have them there, not just on the crazy warehouse floor) I saw a girl point to them and say “Now that is how to really take care of your shoes. I wish I could be that organized.” I couldn’t agree more. These boxes are fantastic. They are flexible, don’t damage the shoes, and create a visual interest/symmetry in my closet. And they fold flat so when you move, you can simply unzip and flatten them and shove them in a packing box.

It was pretty much set up like this picture. I love these boxes. In fact, since they are soft and not hard plastic like the expensive ones I wanted from The Container Store, there is less chance of my  fantastic little shoes getting scuffed in their containers.

Now….Should I still think about painting the back wall of the closet hot pink? What do you think?

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