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Happy New Year

December 31, 2009

Last year, I spent New Year’s Day in two hospitals. After spending the subsequent two weeks on crutches, I opted not to go out this year. I couldn’t test fate again. Also, I couldn’t bear another snowy January precariously balanced on medical chopsticks.

So this year, I’m having a quiet night, just me, a bottle of vodka (Thanks Patti!) and some fantastic movies (Sex and the City, Lost in Translation, Across the Universe, for starters.)My resolution this year is simple. I resolve not to end up on crutches on New Year’s Day. That’s all I dare hope for.

I thought perhaps instead of preparing a extensive resolution list for myself, I’d list my hopes for some of my dearest friends.

For Tammy. May your 2010 be better than 2009, and may you always have enough Triple de Riple to make you want to get in a hot tub without a swim suit.  Also, that picture of Big Ben is for you 🙂

For Kari: May you never be forced to live in a cold climate so that you may save money on constant dry cleaning bills for your floor-thrown coat.

For Susan: May you find something to do that makes you happy…even if it does require LOLSpeak.


And…may all of you lazy asses come visit me during 2010!

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