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Wonderful Holiday Window Displays

December 24, 2009

For those of you who celebrate…

in whatever manner you choose to celebrate…


To celebrate, I’m sharing some lovely images of my favorite window displays from around the globe.

I love this window for two reasons. Well, two reasons that I am able to articulate:
1. Because it incorporates the color pink and doesn’t look childish or kitschy.
2. Because it’s interactive! How? Well, you can e-mail the answer to “Where will your journey take you?”  and they’ve been updating it all month. How cool! If I was in NYC, I’m be furiously texting DETROIT just to see if it came up. 🙂

How fantastic is this Bergdorf Goodman window? My eyes can’t even begin to drink it all in. I need to go slowly, one staircase at a time, to take in the visual awesomeness.

And check out the studded houndstooth boots on the mannequin…
I want them…
I need them…
I have no idea where I could wear them…
but I could sure have a blast trying!

This winter wonderland from the Marshall Field’s Flagship store (now Macy’s on State Street in Chicago) is one of my all-time favorites. I like the simplicity, and also how the display isn’t just IN the display. It’s in the surround as well.
I also love the complete calmness of the all-white/snowy look.

I had to do a display for my work (one of my random oddball duties that us P.R. majors get to do in our careers.) and I was more than inspired by this window.

Heck, I should just show you what it looks like. Keep in mind that I am NOT a professional window-dresser…but I wouldn’t mind it as a career option!

Yes, I know it’s kind of juvenile-looking…but that is the purpose (if you can read the background, it is promoting the KIDS reading program) Sorry if the photo isn’t as great as the others…I took this on my cell phone.

Just a reminder, 24 hours left to enter my giveaway!

Regardless, have a lovely long weekend and for my fellow travelers, a safe and peaceful journey home.

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