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Real. Live. Snow. UGH!

December 3, 2009

For the first time this winter, it’s snowing in Chicago. Ok, admittedly that photo is from last century. But you get the drift.

You know, the snow drift.

hehehe I sleigh myself.  HA! Another one!

Anyways…I hate snow.

And cold.

And ice. (except in my margaritas)

ooooh a margarita. (goes to find one)

Slurp. Now where was I? Oh, right. Snow in Chicago.

Ok, that picture is from last century too. And the snow hasn’t stuck to the ground yet.


So I’m escaping to my hometown (again) this weekend.YAY!

Then I looked at The Weather Channel. My hometown (300 miles away) is getting even more snow than Chicago.


I am a MORON.

Parka? Check

Snow boots? Check

Crazy grumbling to self as I lug said parka and snowboots on the Orange Line towards my departing flight? Check!

Is anyone out there in better weather than I am? Please brag about it and let me live vicariously through you.

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