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Sartorial Excavation Extravaganza: Day 2

November 18, 2009

I spent yesterday in meetings until 9:00pm, which meant very little closet cleaning. I did, however, find the time to do some research into exactly HOW I will store all my clothing, shoes, jewelry, purses, scarves, socks, towels (that’s right, I have to use my clothes closet as a linen closet! Welcome to my typical urban dwelling…) and other odds and ends.  (like that damn printer!)

I found some great storage ideas. Unfortunately, I haven’t received that huge inheritance from my rich 4th cousin-twice-removed-on-my-mother’s-side (we’re currently estranged) and that giant check that I’m SURE Ed McMahon intended to send before his death must have gotten lost at the post office.  So I have to attempt to do this on the cheap (i.e. as close to free as possible without doing tooooooo much illegal stuff)

So, even though I love these:

They are $6.99. Per box. I own roughly 75 shoes. You do the math.

Just kidding, I’ve got a calculator in front of me. I’ll do the math.



Since that damn distant and estranged relative still hasn’t shown their face, I should probably not spend the equivalent of my car payment + car insurance payment + monthly gas allotment on SHOE BOXES.

Probably shouldn’t.

Want to.

BUT I WON’T.So I went back to the drawing board (also known as my computer) and headed over to my favorite inexpensive furniture site, IKEA!

And I found these:

They are $9.99 per pack of four. That’s just over $187 for 75 boxes. Which is still a lot. So I think I’ll buy enough boxes to fit my nicer shoes and then stuff the gym shoes in a sack.

Obviously, I haven’t figured out where to put the gym shoes (I can hear my always-supportive boyfriend saying “Put them on your feet! GO TO THE GYM YOU LAZY GIRL!”) but I figure this is a start.

What I like about both of these shoe boxes is that they are (#1) BOXES. I’ve had the shoe shelves before, and if you are a seasonal shoe wearer like I am (open-toed sandals in February? No thank you!) then some of your shoes can collect dust and get yucky. So boxes are a MUST for me.  I also like that they have the clear face on the front, so I can see what’s in the boxes without unstacking five other pairs, causing a shoe avalanche which leaves my bedroom looking like something out of “2012” (btw, that is a kickass movie. Go see it. Now. Seriously. I’ll wait.)

Sidebar over, I swear.

So, I also wanted to get a couple rolling cart-type things with drawers. My closet has pretty thick carpet, so if I get something without wheels, then it will NEVER MOVE, leaning to dust bunnies multiplying like, well…bunnies!

Did I mention that I am not this OCD just for the fun of it? I have horrible dust allergies, so this whole dust-phobia is sort of necessary.

So I found this from Ikea:

It’s called “Antonius” and I’m getting two of them. I can use it to store towels, bags, hats, purses… Anything. I’ll figure that out next.

Here’s the updated closet “diagram” with newly chosen items (I didn’t bother to draw all the boxes… It would take so long!

Notice the clothes are…funny looking. That’s because I made them stretch across the size of the closet they take up. I don’t have many dresses (8 inches worth) but I have plenty of shirts (about 3 feet worth!)

Until tomorrow, adieu!



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  1. Susan permalink
    November 18, 2009 7:15 pm

    my ikea thingy didnt come with the top or the wheels

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