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Sartorial Excavation Extravaganza: Day 1

November 17, 2009


Here it is.

I know. It’s ridiculous. I have a (crappy) organizational system. Basically, if it’s on the floor, I’ve worn it in the last month. If it’s hung up…then I haven’t worn it. Ever. See that brown shirt three from the left? The TAGS are still on it.

I disgust myself.

See that fuzzy black thing? That’s a purse. A cute little clutch purse. It’s covered in feathers. I promise it’s cute. It just looks like a diseased parrot because of the mess, I promise!!

See all these sequins? Sigh… I love sequins. And sequins are really hard to keep attached to the fabric unless you TAKE CARE OF THE GARMENTS PROPERLY…i.e. hang them up! Do what I SAY…not what I do.

I spy…. A computer printer? How’d that get in there? NOW do you see why I have to clean this???

My shoe organizational system involves giving my shoes nicknames. I kid you not.

Ok, so I spent yesterday digging out most of this, and throwing it into piles…clean and dirty. Because you have to clean everything before you can put it away or donate it. I don’t think I have much that I could throw away, so I just default to the CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN mantra.

I made a simple (I lie, it was insanely complicated) diagram on InDesign of my closet so I can figure out where to put stuff, how to store it, and how much room I really have to work with.

The whole thing is to 1/12 scale.  even the length of the clothes and the location. I found some different storage items on and I’m working to fit them into the drawing, because I hate hate HATE buying things first and fitting them in second. Spacial relations are very important to my anal-retentive mind!

I removed the closet doors MONTHS ago… Curtains might work now.

I think I might paint the inside of the closet pink, just for kicks.

What do you think?

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  1. Susan permalink
    November 18, 2009 9:14 am

    hehe. you said anal 🙂

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