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Fingers Crossed!

October 19, 2009

A month ago, I posted about how I couldn’t wait for Payless to release the Christian Siriano collection. The shoes I was expecting were fantastic, fierce and oh-so-awesome, exactly what all of us who watched Mr. Siriano claw his way to the top of the fashion heap on Project Runway had expected.


Imagine how disappointed was I when –on a spur-of-the-moment trip to Payless– that I discovered the Christian Siriano Collection for Payless was not so awesome.


Where are my chains? My spikes? My death-defying heels? I wanted heavy metal and instead I got a S&M version of a Naturalizer shoe. Not what I wanted!

Luckily, these aqua-ish boots seemed promising.


Then I tried them on. I won’t share pictures, but suffice to say I could have easily been mistaken for a reptile with a foot disorder. These would look great in a frame, but not so great on a foot.

BUT I STILL WANTED TO BUY A PAIR! Sad, I know. I loved Mr. Siriano on Project Runway, and I was not about to ditch him simply because he had to tone it down for the masses (where are these masses, by the way? I would like to tell them to TRY fashionable shoes.


For me.

For the sake of my future shoes.

For the sake of shoes everywhere.

Give shoes a chance!

No Shoe Left Behind! (start humming a national anthem here…)

Ah, back from my momentary lapse into pedi-patriotism. Anyways, so I wanted Siriano shoes but they weren’t ENOUGH for me. Not when Lanvin is parading these around.


Never fear!  There was a great post on My Style Pill that got stuck in my head days before and just as soon as I can find some chains I really like, I’ll be heading back to Payless to buy these and adorn them with what the Glamourai calls “shoe jewels!!!” 🙂

Christian’s Spring 2010 collection for Payless was recently unveiled. We can only hope that these designs actually make it to stores. We’re ready for some fierce fashion at Payless, Mr. Siriano! Please don’t dilute your collection’s awesomness! (humming a national anthem again…any nation will do. I’m partial to France’s, but only because I was never forced to sing it when I lost a dare–America, why is yours have such a hard-to-sing tune??!?)


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  1. princessfancypants permalink
    October 19, 2009 3:31 pm

    Love it. I’m totally making myself some ankle chains. Want a pair?

  2. October 19, 2009 5:13 pm

    thanks for the shout out! xx

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