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Guest Blogger Day AKA Boston Boots

October 6, 2009

Today’s post (will be posted soon!) is written by “Shoe-a-Day, Jr.” A.K.A. my baby sister.

Newly married (she wore fab shoes) with two cats (one of which is so famous she won’t even send a purr my way) and living almost 300 miles away from me, she has completely caught on to the shoe obsession. If we had to share a closet, we would have several hundred shoes and no clothes. Good thing we don’t!

In the meantime, we’ll try to figure out what will become what I’m calling my “Boston Boots” I have two trips coming up to visit “the Athens of America” and they fall in late October and mid-November. The temperature while I’m there tends to hover around 60º and 52º, respectively.  It’s going to be COLD (at least for my poorly circulated and anemic body!) so I need new boots.

Boots I can walk in.

guessjustinaSo these Guess? boots are out.

cedargroveSo are these Nine West booties. (ironically these are what I am wearing right now)


I’ll get these!trigueiro2

I’ll be trying my damndest to mentally force Aldo to put these one sale within the next 15 days. Here’s to hoping my ESP and mind-control powers are stronger now than they were when I tried to convince that security guard that I was “with the band.”

Stay tuned for more from my sister about her “shoe-a-day”!

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