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Getting Some Bootie

September 22, 2009

Last year, I found myself in the midst of a conundrum. I had recently moved from a tiny faux-city (care to guess which one?) to one of the most populated cities in the country. My new city comes with a great perk: public transportation.

Sometimes it’s late, sometimes it smells like pee, and sometimes (if you were on the same train I was Saturday night) the other occupants work to change the train into a church, and preach the word of whichever god they chose to follow. And they preach LOUDLY.

Regardless of its issues, having public transportation is fantastic in my opinion. Not simply because it will cart my inebriated body safely home after a particularly vigorous night, but also because I don’t have to drive to work. I prefer -and enjoy- not having to deal with some of the most stressful traffic conditions in the world.

My conundrum was related to the  stress I had to endure during my very first winter living here. How to actually transport myself to the public transportation. What kind of shoes would keep my feet warm, dry, and from slipping on ice during my several-blocks-long jaunt? I did already own a pair of winter (REAL WINTER) boots from L.L. Bean. I could walk through a swimming pool in these and not experience even a whisper of moisture.


They are HOT HOT HOT…I know 🙂 I found this on the manufacturer’s web page “The original Sorel Caribou, often imitated but never equaled. If you want the real deal with timeless styling — this is it”

Um…yeah. I’ll take the fake deal with trendy styling for normal winter days.  (I DO wear the Sorels when there is more than two feet of snow outside and the plowers haven’t cleared our street and I have to MUSH to the train, but those occasions are few and far between.)

After much searching, i found these “bootie” shoes from Nine West in late July. However, they were a little out of my price range (since I was unemployed at the time, pretty much EVERYTHING was out of my price range) so I opted to wait until they hit the sale rack.

Cedar Grove
from Nine West (2008)

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::SIX MONTHS LATER:::::::::::::::::::::::::

I am not a patient person. There are many factors in my current life that make me impatient, including waiting for trains, planes, and Netflix DVDs. Shoes should NOT be in this catagory! But I patiently waited six months until my “Cedar Grove” booties went on sale for half price and I pounced on them. I had already tried them on in-store and knew I wanted a size 9 in black. Since I was now gainfully employed, I ordered them online and waited for 3-5 business days for them to arrive.

On the day I arrived home to find a shoe-sized box by my mailbox, I was so excited! After six months of waiting, I couldn’t be patient anymore. I tore the box open, flung tissue paper everywhere, and dug into the box to pull out MY brand-new size nine ankle booties…

cedargrovegrey…in ugly puke-grey. WHAT THE %&$#?!?!? Checked the shipping form immediately: Black. Checked the outside of the box: Black. Checked my e-mail confirmation: Black. Someone was playing a cruel joke on me. I stared at the grey shoes, thinking “I could wear these…but I don’t want to!!”

I ended up taking the shoes to the nearest Nine West, finding the very last pair of black Cedar Grove booties in my size (which were NOT on sale in the store!) and getting one hell of a deal on them. I spent the rest of the winter camped out in my “6-Mo Booties” as they’ve been nicknamed.  You can still find some pairs scattered around the internet, just search for them on your favorite search engine. They should be fairly inexpensive now, under $50 or so.

p.s. I absolutely DO recommend the Sorels to everyone living in a place where it snows because they have lasted me almost 10 years now and are just as good as new. Completely 100% worth the price. Get them here

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