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Flat Thursday

September 17, 2009
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It’s Thursday, and we all know what that means. Comfy shoes that I can run to the train in (because YES I was running late again today!) The shoes I wore today entered  my life because my old pair of flats (that’s right…I only own one at a time. I’m all about the heels, baby!) bit the dust. They were cute, too. Leopard print with tiny black bows.

Of course, they weren’t:
or snowproof…
or even very comfortable…
and they were FOREVER slipping off my heel and I was walking out of them, but they were leopard print!!

These are my new flats. I liked the detail of the squished up leather in the front. The only thing I’ve done to them is buy a nice long black satin ribbon and use it to tie around the bottom and wrap around my ankle (I have really high arches, so flats are not the easiest thing for me to wear)


Also, the insides are super soft. I would recommend these to anyone without high arches, but if you have them, customize flat shoes like I did.

I have a visitor coming to visit me this weekend who HATES my shoe addiction (Well, I am guessing that fact, I’ve actually never been told that in those exact words) so I’ll be back on Monday with a make-up installment of “Shoes I Want” as well as another member of my shoe army.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Aldo “Labuff” style in black.

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