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Everything But the Kitchen Sink

September 15, 2009

These are my <current> favorites. My sister (owner of the infamous Meatloafy) came to visit, and we went to Spring Shoes. Much like the Gap to Banana Republic, Spring is the less expensive sister to Aldo. However, unlike the Gap, Spring doesn’t suck.

I had intended to get this black leather, studded strappy AWESOMENESS I had seen on Spring’s web site. (the style is “Molden”, in case you want them)


Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a flash of bronzed zebra print. At far on the edge of the display, was a shoe that made me forgot all about Molden.They were called Baculpo.


They were the second to last pair in the store and the ONLY pair in my size (39,in case you are wondering) I knew it must be fate. I was meant to come to Spring and adopt these lonely little shoes into my loving shoe-home.  Or I am addicted to shoes. Either way is fine with me.

I call them my Kitchen Sink shoes (what, guys can name their cars but I can’t name my shoes?!) because they have everything on them but the kitchen sink.

Metallic? Check.
Red Reptile Skin? (faux, of course) Check.
Gold Chains? Check.
Zebra Print? Check.
Flowers? Check
A Five-inch Heel? Check.

Oh, and how do they look on? Fantastic! Fierce! And they jingle when I walk!



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