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Shoeday: Weekend Edition

September 13, 2009

It’s officially -almost- autumn!

The season of football, apple cider, cozy knits, and spending time outdoors without sweating to death in the most awesome city in the USA, Chicago!!

Luckily, it’s still warm enough for open-toed shoes. I fight the weather with my footwear, wearing opened-toes until the first time it snows. In college, that mean $3 Old Navy flip flops well into December. Post graduation, this means cute, low-ish heels until I can’t forge my way to the train without my toes turning a cobalt shade of blue.

Today, I had to trek up to the far north side of the city to the only store within 300 miles that sells my favorite beer in 6-pack form. Now, there isn’t a TON of walking involved, simply a couple transfers from train to train to bus.  But having to lug a heavy case of beer on the CTA means LOW heels.

If you can’t tell, this is one of my favorite styles. It’s basically a flip fop in a shiny fabric with a heel shoved underneath. I own shoes like this in orange, blue, white, gold, and brown. They aren’t super fancy, but when I’m wearing a sequined top or carrying a feather purse, understated can work for my shoes.

shoeday91309This pair is from Charlotte Russe, I think they cost about $10. They make a distinct “tappy tappy” sound when I walk, but that could provide some additional fun if I happen to stumble into a Riverdance soiree. (2 inch heel)

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  1. The Meatloafy permalink
    September 13, 2009 8:22 pm

    Hai auntie cherrow! I haz never seen those shoes b4. Will you do a post about mah favorite shoes? They belong to mah dadee and smell like meats!! 🙂 MOL!!

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